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“From my first listing to “Parking Lot Ponies” (by Sig Paulson), I have been “On the bus!” Then you hear some more of his catchy, well-crafted tunes (“We Got Rain” comes to mind.), and you are a true believer. Sig has such a great energy, vibe and connection with his audience (live) and the songs have timeless imagery. This northwest renegade troubadour is the REAL deal!” ” - Doug “Spud” Henderson (“Low-Tech Promotions”)
“Sig Paulson brings his warmth, charisma, and personal authority (from road doggin’ the dusty byways of the western imagination) to sing and speak about what exactly makes one a northwest renegade troubadour. He is a convincing balladeer who will make you want to join him on his musical adventures.” - -Lisa Lepine

— Creative consultant

" Sig's songs come from a kindhearted man with strong chops. Sig is truly an Oregon treasure". ” - Tom Phillips,

— NW Songwriter Sessions.