From the recording Everybody Wants To Drive My Car


Everybody Wants To Drive My Car

1. Everybody wants to finish my sentence,
but I don't really like what they say.
Their spitting anger lacks eloquence,
their worn out cliché is a bit passé.
I start to speak and they ask a question,
open my mouth and they walk away.
I cut the wire on my transmitter,
did you receive my last communiqué?

2. Everybody wants to paint my house,
but the colors they choose just scream.
Do they think I'll be as quiet as a mouse,
while they brush away all my dreams?
Then they don't want to hold my ladder,
so that I can get way up high.
Here comes someone with another bucket and,
what I did yesterday's not even dry!

3. Everybody wants to drive my car,
but nobody wants to pay for the gas.
Then when I need her she won't go far,
you know I think they all drive too fas.
They want to turn down all the side streets,
and now the damn thing is obsolete!