1. We Got Rain

From the recording We Got Rain


We Got Rain

1. Louisian folks are tougher than a hurricane,
in Florida the sun shines on your brain
I hate to tell you this, it goes against my grain
but in Oregon we got rain

2. Vermont's got maple syrup drippin' from a tree,
They pick country music in Nashville Tennessee
Well, here you'd better check your chair before you set
'cause in Oregon we got wet

3. Montana's real pretty got a great big sky,
don't look up here you'll get water in your eye
If you want to know the many ways that we are blessed,
let me just give you our short list

We got rain in the mornin' rain in the evenin' rain most all the time
I'm so wet my bones are rusted from this liquid sunshine!

4. The Las Vegas sky's full of neon light,
in Alaska the sun stays up all night
There's interesting places all over the map,
in Oregon we got damp

5. You've all heard about a Georgia peach,
and California girls layin' on the beach
Here we're just hopin' it all don't go down the drain,
In Oregon we got rain


6. Down in Texas they say everything is big,
in Idaho they got potatoes to dig
Minnesota's got a lot of lakes they insist,
in Oregon we got mist

Chorus 2...
We got fog in the mornin' drizzle in the evenin'
showers most all the time
My silver lining's come undone, it's liquid sunshine!

7. They're eatin' buttered lobster out in Main,
Hawaii's proud of that sugar cane
I won't beat around the bush, I'll have to tell you plain
In Oregon we got rain,
In Oregon we got rain
In Oregon we got rain