1. Late Bloomer

From the recording Late Bloomer

"Late Bloomer"... Every year I get the little Zen desk calendar because it keeps me thinking. I stick the pages I really like on a corkboard so I don't forget them. I fashioned this song by starting each verse with a line from some of my favorites, then I stuck in my own thoughts to glue them together.


Late Bloomer

1. Eternity's a scary thought, where's it going to end?
Standin' by the road with the baggage I bought,
now I've damn few friends
To help me take it down the line
So I'm thinkin' about leavin' it all behind, for someone else to find
I'll let the four winds blow me around
That way I'll be heaven bound someday

2. When elephants fight, they say it's the grass that suffers
It rained on my parade last night, but I will recover
'Cuse trouble disappears like dew,
When the morning sun shines through, and I'm with you
Like the beauty that returns in spring
I'll come back as a funky king someday

Chorus... It ain't always the first horse out the gate
Standin' with the roses in the sun
A flower's no less beautiful blooming late
And who can tell the seasons when they're done?

3. A flower falls though you love it, a weed grows though you don't
I can wear your love like an old jacket, Keep me from the rain it won't
Oh but it'll keep me warm inside, as through this windy world I ride
You help me take it in stride
We can't change the world I guess
But we just might find happiness someday


4. Behind every jewel there's three thousand sweating horses
Shooting for the moon, pooling their resources
I've been shining my stuff, but I'm still just a diamond in the rough,
not quite shiny enough
Some facets are unclear
but I'll hang a beautiful chandelier someday


Eternity's a scary thought, where's it going to end...