From the recording Hillbilly Mystic


Hillbilly Mystic

1. The first time I heard him on the radio,
he took my mind to the circus and the rodeo.
By the time I figured out what had happened to me,
it was too late to turn back honey, fortunately.

Chorus... He's a hillbilly mystic, a wild hillbilly mystic. He left his little log cabin back in Dullsville,
He'll show you how to reach Nirvana without liquor or pill
He's a hillbilly mystic, an existential optimistic.

2. The hillbilly mystic don't travel alone, his wife's a gypsy palm reader plays the saxophone,
got a band of disciples called the celestial stars,
they only play the big shows no coffee houses or bars.

For the hillbilly mystic, he digs the philosophistic!

3. Well the hillbilly mystic, he walks a thin line,
he don't sit on the fence, you know he speaks his mind. No particular religion on denomination,
'cause his mind's a satellite he's got his own translation.


4. The hillbilly mystic he will give you hope,
he's one of the few requested by the Pope.
There's a chill in his voice and a fire in his soul,
and if you don't watch him close, he'll spike your punch bowl.