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West Of Idaho

Sig Paulson
Sig Paulson


"West Of Idaho"... Wanting to leave a small town and see the world is a pretty universal feeling I think. My parents bought me a backpack for a present and at 5:00 a.m. the day after high school graduation they drove me to Interstate 5 and I hitchhiked away.


West of Idaho 1. When it's dark enough to see the stars, I'm going to pack it up and light out of this Sleepy little town, on a narrow minded street, most of it's a one-way drag When I finally put my foot down, it's peddle to the metal I ain't lookin' in the rearview back When the sun comes up and the coffee's made, Mama's going to have a heart attack 2. These dreams keep comin' like Oregon rain, steady and they won't let up on me A rounder from this square little town, never found a place I fit in But there's a whole lot of world beyond that blinkin' light at the edge of town When the dust settles on that four way stop, I ain't ever going to turn around Refrain... Mama says it's a pipe dream, Daddy says you'll come home, With your tail between your legs boy, when the prodigal's bankbook is blown They were born and they'll die here, This dirt farm is their whole dream But mine's to aim this beat up Buick at all the places I ain't seen 3. Down in the hollow and up on the hill, everybody's all sayin' they've had their fill Of me and my plans, so I'll see if I can give their ears a good long rest When I'm singin' to the radio, somewhere out in Idaho They won't have to sing along Sure as water is wet and fire will burn, tomorrow I'll be long gone