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Sweet Short Song

Sig Paulson
Sig Paulson


"Sweet Short Song"... A song of lost love to all the "ones that got away".


Sweet Short Song 1. I had a dream left me dazed and confused A pretty little bird told me I could fly She said "It ain't the fall that kills you but that sudden stop'll bruise That's the gravity of the situation in the sky" 2. She said "You're free as a bird don't let your chin droop" I heard a little whistle and looked away Just that quick she flew the coop And I've been singin' this song ever since that day Chorus... Where'd you fly off to? Where are you perched? It's a great big empty sky I have searched I sure love your sweet short song Are we birds of a feather or was I wrong:? Are we birds of a feather or was I wrong:? 3. I started thinkin' I should wear a parachute 'Cause the sky might fall and my dream fail And other little birds that I thought were cute Tried to clip my wings and put salt on my tail (Chorus) 4. Would it surprise you if I confessed? Mine was never a free flight plan I was looking for a little bird to feather a nest On a branch in the sun where we both could land (Chorus X 2)