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Picture In A Box

Sig Paulson
Sig Paulson


"Picture In A Box"... I lived most of my life not having to deal with the loss of anyone close to me. I knew the hammer would drop one day. I lost my Mother and one of my brothers within six months of each other. I also lost three brothers-in-law to lung cancer. Just prior to all that, one of my close running mates from my old blues band days died. This song is for anybody who's lost someone close to them.


Picture In a Box 1. You were full of hope like a flower in spring So if I never gave you anything If I were not water and I was not sun Pray to God, I was no damage done 2. Now the bottle's empty and the glass is too And I'm gone for travelin' someplace new Please think of me like whiskey warm We shared watching winter's storm Chorus... Don't shed tears when I'm gone, It's the nature of things we all have to move on If you really love someone you'll come to know There's always the day you have to let go 3. Like the breeze of summer cools your skin I can't promise that I'll come again 'Cause the red-winged blackbird's sung his song And I'm on the wing and I'll be gone 4. It's your simple beauty, I recall Like a walk in the gold and flames of fall When time is wide and memory thinned I'll take your heart dancing on the wind (Chorus) 5. When you find my picture in some old box Or hear my name when people talks I hope a smile will cross your lips And from your heart the sorrow strips (Chorus X 2)