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If The Castle Burns

Sig Paulson
Sig Paulson


"If The Castle Burns"... This was written for my wife Michele. These words or any others would be inadequate. She really is the only one that showed me what it really means.


If The Castle Burns 1. It was the scent of moonlit flowers that guided my way Down the path to the door of the one for whom I care And the incense hanging there will forever linger in her hair As we open our eyes to the morning's glare 2. It's coffee with her Sunday as the sun comes up And shines like silver, on the rainy streets I've been with beggars and ate buckwheat Been served meals for kings complete But I've never tasted love that was so sweet Chorus... Wherever my weary boots should ramble 'round To her heart I pledge my return For if the castle burns there in the shambles will be found A fair maid's love a pauper never had earned 3. She'll never look away from the abandoned child The Wild Rose with her Love lies bleeding too And if her eye should gaze on you In green spring or November's hue She'll show you grace, gentle, warm and true 4. She takes me by the hand and leads me through the crowd To a place where I don't have to feel like some antique And there ain't no hide and seek When I touch her silky cheek And we say it all and never have to speak (Chorus) 5. I can hear her softly whisper to me now Goodnight my love, and sweet dreams Since a kid, I've heard it seems Tales of the true heart Jacks and Queens But she's the only one, told me what it really means (Chorus)