Sig Paulson


Tangled In My Roots

Vaguely Familiar

Sig Paulson


Vaguely Familiar 1. Welcome to the town, of the vaguely familiar Every face is someone you know, but you don't know where from Is that the guy from your high school prom, or that dull sit-com? Or that front page picture in the paper of that guy who threw the fire bomb 'Cause they say he's from the town, of the vaguely familiar 2. When you see them on the street, they have eyes of glass They smile and they nod, and turn away as they pass Your mouth's still open 'cause you tried to speak, But the connection's weak Was she that girl waiting tables last night? You know she was not unique And most definitely resides, with the vaguely familiar 3. Was she someone you knew well, or just a casual acquaintance A love at first sight with the girl making dental appointments? You run your mind through its rolodex, but you're so perplexed, Maybe that cousin of your ex, The one who's so uni-sex And you know there's some of them you wish Weren't so vaguely familiar 4. Here comes Mr. Big Fish, swimming in his small pond He's lost the silk suit, cut his hair and bleached it blond He'll never remember your name, so why play that game Still you remind him once again And he gives you that kind look of pain And says "Oh yeah that's right, I thought you looked vaguely familiar." 5. You can hold someone for years, in the void that is here And leave them one day, without shedding a tear How could your whole love unwind, were you temporarily blind? 'Cause much to your surprise one day well you awoke to find You were lying next to someone, only vaguely familiar Lying next to someone, only vaguely familiar Lying next to someone, only vaguely familiar