Sig Paulson


Tangled In My Roots

Gun Shy

Sig Paulson


GUNSHY 1. Most of my landings are crash Plenty of hopes have been dashed But I'm still a pilot, I got a fire lit Never say ashes to ash 2. I'm crusin' in my old wreck But she's all I got what the heck I can still drive 'er, I'm a suriver The hell with the damn rubbernecks Chorus... Well you once turned me a little gunshy, And triggered somethin' blue But now I know I'll arrive, honey I got the drive Even though I ain't riding with you 3. I've gone air, sea and land Never seem to arrive as planned I' m a little unraveled, but I can still travel Don't spend much time in the quicksand (Chorus) 4. Caught on the downhill slide Baby the water is wide But I'm still a swimmer, there's still a glimmer I'm gonna ride the high tide I'm gonna ride the high tide