Sig Paulson


Tangled In My Roots

Don't say Goodbye

Sig Paulson


Don't Say Goodbye (Say See You Later) 1. When I daydream and loose myself and get into a bind, 'cause I forget time marches on and I got a watch to wind, and everyday's a deadline that approaches way too fast, I'm in the fast lane speeding', yet on the right I'm passed, I see your sweet smile through the steam, of my overheated radiator. I remember what you said this morning, don't say goodbye, say see you later. 2. They say this world is dog eat dog baby, watch out for the teeth. 'Cause there's them that love to backbite, and hand you your own funeral wreath. So I try to pick my battles, watch my words and hold my tongue, and make small talk and pleasantries withes jackals I'm among. And baby you prepare me so well, 'cause I'm no mental gladiator. Dress me in my armor and then you tell, me don't say goodbye, say see you later. 3. It's hard to get from point A to point B from day to day, much less in your life, 'cause they don't usually pave the way There's roadblocks and construction and fatal accidents you'll see, But this commuter's got it cleared up, you meter my on ramp for me. No bumper to bumper, I don't rubberneck. These thoughts of you are my accelerator. I'm listening' to my navigator, don't say goodbye, say see you later.