Sig Paulson


Tangled In My Roots

Danger Girl

Sig Paulson


Danger Girl 1. Her face never slips the shadows, Her voice is trapped in the telephone Her lips lie they're wounded in battle And her love has a bittersweet acid tone 2. Her brainstorms roll like thunder, Her boots are good she don't get her feet wet Even if she swims, they won't pull her under She's the safest danger girl that I've ever met Chorus... She'll ask if you've a match or Maybe an itch she might scratch There's just one catch she'll unlatch, She's tied up in knots and so unattached 3. Where's the glue that holds her together she's Pretty smart but she can't cut it out She's a blue sky a little under the weather One thing's for certain she's living in doubt 4 In my own movie's where she says to stay I keep looking for my co-star Danger girl remains undiscovered Hey! She casts herself in these bit parts