Sig Paulson


Tangled In My Roots

Broken Pride

Sig Paulson


Broken Pride 1. Love went down in flames like Pearl Harbor And the world's been shaved by a drunken barber Chaos reigns on the freeway lanes can't find the interchange 2. They say when you're down, you ain't out Can't sit around the house and pout But ain't it hard to ride when the Horses name is Broken Pride? Chorus... There's a drugstore by the highway in the desert Selling dime-store junk to people passin' by How I wish to God I'd never stopped there But the shine on that cheap tin always caught my eye! 3. Well the sun is out, he got a pardon Parole board says he's been a hard one But he shines like me, mostly on a world Where he'd like to be 4. They say don't burn your bridges, don't break ties Still you can't go back no one denies So I won't cease fire, I'm crashin' through barbed wire With my wheels on fire With my wheels on fire With my wheels on fire With my wheels on fire