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Whatcha Got Up Yer Sleeve

Sig Paulson


Whatcha Got Up Yer Sleeve? Whatcha got up your sleeve little darlin' whatcha got on your mind? Tell me you ain't gonna leave little darlin' please tell me you're gonna spend some time. You just got here late this evenin', and I been waitin' on you. Baby, baby you got me believin', don't pull no switcheroo! Everybody's gonna find out little darlin' why can't I tell nobody 'bout us? Okay baby, I can keep a secret honey, honey I won't raise no fuss but you just got here late this evenin' and I been watin' all night don't pull no switcheroo on me honey come on let's down the lights! Ooh it ain't so complicated baby please it ain't that tough there's a reason I been waitin' I love you and I can't get enough Whatcha gonna do with me little darlin'? Now that you got this information in hand. Baby I ain't such a bad motor scooter I ain't just a dirty old man you just got here late this evenin' and I been waitin' so long you look sweet in that little kimono and you're the only one I want to bang that gong!