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Shelly Shelly came from a little town, where a weaker girl might have drown, but she kept herself afloat on movies and magazines and dressing everyday like it was Halloween. It left little to discuss, she graduated and took a bus, answered an add she found in the metro classified, part time in a coffee house on the lower east side. She shaved her head, bought combat boots and pierced her nose, worships in the church of Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs. She had a boyfriend who, talked her into a strange tattoo, a hawk standing on a horse with the world in its right eye, but Shelly says there's really nothing that it signifies. The boyfriend turned out to be a jerk. He stole her tips while she was at work. He took everything and left Shelly with the bills. "Oh well" she said "it wasn't really love it was just a drill". Alcohol, drugs and sex, of course all have their effects. But she was never hooked as a strict disciplinarian, she says there's too many planets to orbit where you'll see the sun. Shelly's beatnik and Buddhist Zen, she's always been different like them. 'Cause there's some kind of calm in knowing you're the hurricane. She loves to hear plain Jane sing her refrain.