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Half Out Of The Middle

Sig Paulson


Half Out Of The Middle Well it's a rocky road in the middle of the night, cross the railroad tracks, you get blinded by the light, not too far to the left, or to far to the right, take your half out of the middle and you'll be all right Don't you worry 'bout fast or slow, just live your life, and put on your show. There's always someone watin' in the wings, to tell you how they would've done things. Now I'm a firm believer in lots of things, the four directions the earth and the sky, any way the wind blows through my wings, there ain't a livin' soul can tell me which way to fly. I remember the color of her eye, the smell of her hair and the touch of her skin, she touched my heart and I thought I'd die, but the wound opened up and let another love begin Travelin' on or settlin' down, it all depends on where you're bound, it might be heaven and it might be hell, just make your story one that you're proud to tell.