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Cheap To Keep

Sig Paulson


Cheap To Keep My baby is cheap to keep, she eats like a parakeet she don't bug me over this and that, man she could look sexy in a burlap sack. With so many women I've lost my shirt but, with my baby I won't get hurt. The investment was worth the bucks. The day I found her I knew I was in luck. With so many women the market's too fast but, my baby now she's got class Easy on my wallet, easy on my heart, extended my credit right from the start. No finance charge no overdraft too. She's the teller made this feller very well to do. Always on time to open up. Never puts me on hold or interrupts. Service with a smile is her style, that's why we'll do business for a good long while. With so many women the price is too steep but, my baby is cheap to keep. my baby is cheap to keep. my baby is cheap to keep.